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Kelvin Block Counselling Services is a private practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We work with individuals and couples who want more clarity, direction and hope as they pursue their relational goals. 


The scope of our counselling services:


  • Marriage Counselling

  • Marriage Preparation

  • Grief & Loss

  • Separation/Divorce Adjustment

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual Addiction

  • Life Transitions and concerns


I am Kelvin Block, and I provide a safe place where people will be listened to and heard.

Together, my clients and I explore what is going on in their given situation. I help them find greater clarity by identifying and articulating what it is they really want. By having this understanding, the clients discover their choices and can choose directions — this ability to take action gives them hope. 

Once a direction is chosen, I help my clients discover effective relational tools, develop needed relational skills, and identify the steps they can take to make their situation and/or relationships better.

Click on the 'book an appointment' tab to begin your journey to greater understanding and self-awareness. 


About Us



Are you struggling with life, stressed, anxious, depressed or is a relationship in crisis, are you experiencing ongoing crisis?  

I work with couples or individuals who desire to strengthen their relationships and who presently find themselves in a place where life is not working well for them or as they had hoped.  I primarily use an adapted REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) model.


This means that I first hear a person's story and when I have some understanding of their given situation I use a variety of tools to help them gain greater clarity.


Tools include: family of origin; understanding and using your emotions profitably; personality strengths and so on, all the while gaining greater understanding of what a person believes, what they feel and what choices they make. This information helps the individual or couple begin to more clearly understand what they want so they can move towards reaching their goals and desires.

Before attending a session with Kelvin, please fill out the following forms, san and email the back or bring them with you to your first session:


Looking to provide a Marriage Enrichment Conference, Seminar or Retreat for you church or community group, take a look at our format which seeks to help couples become better 'Team Mates' clearly moving towards their hopes and dreams for their lives, marriage and family. 

I believe all couples start out their marriage with high hopes and dreams of what their marriage will be.

In reality though, after getting married, couples often find themselves in a place where they are disappointed with where they are at and are not sure how to get back on track. They need help pursuing the hopes and dreams they once had for their marriage.

It is my desire to equip couples with the relational tools so they can move forward with their hopes and dreams for their marriage. 

Together, Lorinda and I present a four-session seminar/retreat You are On the Same Team. I present the theory and tools with some personal applications and Lorinda helps bring clarity to the theory by her illustrations and personal applications from our lives and in our marriage.



Four Evening Sessions: 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Weekend Retreat: 
Friday evening through Sunday lunch

Price per couple varies depending on 
seminar and location.

Email or call 403-835-6061 now for further planning for your group. 


Planning your wedding? Take a look at our marriage preparation counselling to better equip you to have a successful marriage where you can reach your relationship goals and dreams.

Engaged couples have high hopes and dreams of what their marriage will be. During this time of excitement and anticipation, couples can improve their chances of success by learning effective ways to make their hopes and dreams a reality once they are married.


Staying married is hard work, but it can be a lot easier if the couple is equipped with effective relational tools. Prepared and educated couples can often avoid the pitfalls of disappointment and discouragement that many marriages face once reality sets in. 


It is my desire to equip new couples with healthy and effective relational tools that they can use to build a successful marriage. 



I use the Prepare/Enrich couples inventory as the primary tool for the sessions. The inventory gathers information about their relationship covering 11 different areas such as: communication, conflict resolution, leisure activity, finances, etc. This tool is completed on-line, by the couple, prior to the first session.


The sessions provide a focused opportunity to look at the strengths and growth areas of the couple which provides great insight and gives them tools to pursue a successful marriage.



4-5 sessions 1.5 hours in length



In the seminar You are On the Same Team, we cover six topics: family dynamics, understanding emotions, how to keep the romance flame burning, personality strengths, financial management and sexual intimacy. This seminar is a great way to learn about some of the dynamics in marriage and for a couple to have one-on-one time to discuss and explore these topics. This provides tools for pursuing a successful marriage.

Lorinda and I teach these sessions together. I present the theory and tools with some personal applications and Lorinda helps bring clarity to the theory by her illustrations and personal applications from our lives and in our marriage. 



Three Evening Sessions: (2 sessions per night) 
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Weekend Sessions:

All day Saturday (6 sessions)  

Price per couple varies depending on seminar and location.

Email or call now to find out what works for you and your group! Email

Phone: 403-835-6061

Our Services
Kelvin & Lorinda

Kelvin & Lorinda Block

Kelvin Block

Lorinda and I were married in 1985. Over our years together I have been a pastor for over 25 years, 20 of which I was head of the pastoral care and counselling departments in two different churches.  


Our journey has not been without grief and loss. We have four wonderful children, but early in our marriage, we experienced the loss of a stillbirth as well as a late term miscarriage. We also had to work through the process of accepting and adjusting to having a special needs child, which also meant developing new dreams for both our child and ourselves. We have also lost family members and friends and have had to work through the grief of those realities as a couple and with our children. 


I understand the challenges and stresses of working in a highly demanding, high growth work scenario as well as job loss. I also know how hard it is to be a husband and father who not only provides the basics of life, but is emotionally present and richly enjoying my family during each stage of life. 


I have a Masters of Divinity – counselling focus and a one year Counselling Internship Certificate from Providence College and Seminar as well as a Bachelor of Religious Education from Briercrest College and Seminary.


Please note, I provide counselling but I am not a registered psychologist or psychiatrist. If I am unable to meet your unique needs, I may be able to refer you to an appropriate health care professional.

Lorinda Block

I have a love for people and try to bring joy wherever I go.  For over 25 years the majority of my time was spent running our home and raising our four great children along with a few home businesses and volunteering in schools.


Outside of the home I have been employed as a receptionist; retail sales; caregiver for seniors; assistant in an HR department; School Secretary for the CBE. 


I have also been involved in the leadership of a number of volunteer groups including women's groups for young mothers; planning teams for couple's retreats and women's retreats; and leading anxiety support groups to name a few.  


I have a passion for music, enjoy teaching piano, as well as playing keys and singing in a band. We also enjoy having young adults in our home, the life and perspective they bring and the love and family that we can share with them.


”We liked Kelvin right away. He is warm and kind and you can tell he is knowledgeable and passionate about working with couples. He listens well with a non judgmental attitude that makes opening up to him easy. We loved how he shared personal experiences about some of the mistakes he has made and what worked for him. It really made us feel comfortable knowing that no couple is perfect. And also gave us tools to try if we experience similar things.”  

The Hawkins

"We found the study materials covered many areas of marriage that we would never of discussed otherwise, and the questions Kelvin would ask provided an opportunity for us to share our own expectations and view point on many key topics.

Kelvin provided an open discussion forum for us, and was very patient, listened very carefully, and then would respond. We felt like he was very real with us, sharing some of his own relevant experience. 

After each session, we'd always have things to walk away and discuss with each other, and at the end of our counseling he also provided additional reading and resources for us to continue with.

We would definitely recommend Kelvin to any couple who is looking for pre-marital counseling!

”We would recommend Kelvin to any couple wanting to do a marriage prep course or marriage counselling . It truly made a difference starting out our lives together with some extra advice, tools, insight, and knowledge.”  

The Hawkins

Matt & Amy

Success Stories


Our Address

 #145 - 251 Midpark Blvd. SE, Calgary, Alberta


Opening Hours

Monday & Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Tuesday through Thursday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm 
Saturday mornings by appointment

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